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Transfer of Material
Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA)
Standard Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA)
Material Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (MCRADA)

Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA)
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Collaboration with the commercial sector is a critical component in attaining the mission of improving the public health and decreasing the impact of neurological disease. The Division of Intramural Research at NINDS covers topics of research across the spectrum of neuroscience in both the basic and clinical arenas. There is great opportunity for collaboration between the highly qualified staff of NINDS and the Research or Clinical divisions of commercial or non-profit entities. Not only do you gain access to a “team” of neuroscientist, such collaborations have access to some of the best research facilities available.

There are several processes available by which to formalize collaboration. If you are familiar with a particular scientist’s work, you can contact them directly by using the staff search button at the NINDS website. If you are unable to attain that information or if you would simply like a more broad overview, you should contact one of the NINDS Technology Transfer staff listed at this website, who will work with you to make the contacts you need and assist you in executing the appropriate documentation.

For the transfer of materials, you can utilize a Material Transfer Agreement, a CRADA, or a Clinical Trial Agreement. If your company is interested in collaborating in clinical research or development, a MTA, CRADA or Clinical Trial Agreement can be utilized. If you have a particular NINDS discovery that you would like to make as part of your license portfolio, you should contact the NIH Office of Technology Transfer to attain a license to that technology. There are also combinations of these agreements that can be negotiated and the NINDS TTO is here to assist you in understanding the options, benefits and demands of each of those alternatives. Within this section are the various processes for formalizing an exchange of materials or collaboration in basic research or clinical trials or to gain a license to a particular NINDS technology. The NINDS Tech transfer office is happy to assist you with any questions or issues.


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