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Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)
Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA)
Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA)
Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA and MCRADA)
Public Disclosure
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Waiver of Patent Rights
Technology Transfer Issues When Research Staff Leaves NINDS
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There are multiple tools utilized in the transfer of technology and materials into and out of the NINDS. Many researchers, particularly those in the basic science area, find the new era of biotechnology research and its accompanying regulations and legality confusing, frustrating and downright disturbing. However, the successful researchers are learning to incorporate technology transfer into their research strategy, utilizing the tools of technology transfer to add commercialization and research development into their portfolio along side publications, personnel training, and discovery. No matter where you are, at a federal lab, academia, or corporate research - you will need to acclimatize yourself to the terms and tools of technology transfer.

For activities by a NINDS researcher done as part of official duties, any agreement signed is signed on behalf of the institute, not by the NINDS investigator. The NINDS has authorized delegated signatories for the various agreements listed below. All of the following agreements will be handled on behalf of the NINDS investigator by the NINDS TTO personnel, with official records maintained by the NINDS TTO office.

As an introduction to your “tool kit” for technology transfer at NINDS, we offer you the following descriptions that will hopefully not only prevent you from accidently “going astray”, but more importantly, enhance and invigorate your research strategy and achievements. So whether your tool is a research agreement, an invention disclosure, a patent application, a potential licensee, a material transfer, a confidentiality agreement, a software license or licensee, a clinical trial, a trademark, transfer materials to or from a consortium or repository, or to sign a cooperative agreement with a commercial entity for development of your research – read on to utilize your “tool kit” for technology transfer and development.


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