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Genetic Fingerprint of Acute Stroke [Click]
The Application Of Induction Tolerance By Oral Feeding Of Myelin Basic Protein To The Generation Of Increased Resistance To Stroke [Click]
Method to Reduce the Bias in the Mean and Variance of Indices of Water Diffusion Anisotropy as Measured by Diffusion Tensor MRI [Click]
Gene Chip Technology for Vascular Risk Assessment [Click]
Development of Agents for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumors Expressing EPO Receptor [Click]
Method for Promoting Stem Cell Survival [Click]
Differentiation of Stem Cells to Pancreatic Endocrine Cells [Click]
Compositions and Methods for Diagnosis and Treatment of Chemotherapy-Resistant Neoplastic Disease [Click]
Methods of Identifying and Treating Tumors that Express Erythropoietin Receptor Protein (EPO R) [Click]
Immunotoxin (MAB-RICIN) For The Treatment Of Focal Movement Disorders [Click]
Cell Expansion System For Use In Neural Transplantation [Click]
Two- and Three-Dimensional Autoradiographic Imaging Utilizing Charge Coupled Devices [Click]
Convection-Enhanced Drug Delivery System [Click]
Genes For Niemann-Pick Type C Disease [Click]
Efficient Generation of Midbrain Neurons from Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells [Click]
Methods for Preventing Strokes by Inducing Tolerance to E-selectin [Click]
Antibodies that Selectively Detect the Human Nestin Protein [Click]
Enhanced Distribution of Therapeutic Agents After Local Delivery [Click]
Method for Convection Enhanced Delivery of Therapeutic Agents [Click]
Methods and Devices for Intramuscular Stimulation of Upper Airway and Swallowing Muscle Groups [Click]
HeadWave Clinical Coil Designed for Magnetic Resonance Elastography [Click]
Methods and Materials for Controlling Stem Cell and Cancer Cell Proliferation and Differentiation [Click]


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