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The “ Collaboration Opportunities” section list areas of research where the NINDS investigator is looking to work collaboratively with a commercial firm to further develop a patented or patent pending technology. These investigations can be from basic science of an antibody tested in an animal to a starting point of a Phase I toxicity and safety trial ready to go to efficacy trials.

The “NINDS Licensing Opportunities” section lists all of the patent and patent pending research available for development. Each abstract will list the lead investigator and the contact at the NIH Office of Technology Transfer who is responsible for licensing of the technology. If you would like to contact the scientists, not all of whom are still at the NINDS, please contact the NINDS Tech Transfer Office and we will assist you in establishing contact an investigator involved in the discovery.

The NINDS Clinical Trial link is incorporated into this section for your reference if you would like to confirm if a clinical protocol is available in the area of research of interest to you.

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